Ever wanted a home in the country?

And not just some "country" estate in the suburbs. The real thing, with:

  • Real forests as far as the eye can see - on your doorstep
  • Real mountain streams - you can hear them run by
  • Real fresh air - the smell of fynbos in the air

Yes, real country with orchards, farms, forests and mountains.

Introducing Elgin Country Estate

Elgin Country Estate offers you that. It's modern, stylish living, in the country – but within just 45 minutes from Cape Town and 20 minutes from a major shopping mall.

The estate offers ownership options like: making it your home, sure, as a weekend getaway, or as a rental property (don't worry we'll manage the rentals for you!)

The locals say: "you're not out of the city unless you're over the mountain."

Come! See how different life can be, "over the mountain" but nor far away, at Elgin Country Estate, only 70 km out of Cape Town,
just off the N-2.

Elgin Country Estate launches on 1 December 2010, see here for your investment and ownership options.