Green Living

On the Cutting Edge of Green Development

Where other developments strip and swallow ... Elgin Country Estate will build itself and live around its environment. It's no regular suburban development.

"Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them."- Bill Vaughn

The Estate will be a "Green" development. The environment is the estate's reason for being. And so, incorporated into the estate are the following eco-friendly elements:

  • Environmentally friendly design. Building style and colours will be low impact, designed to blend in and also conform with historical design elements. The architects are passionate about this.
  • Eco friendly urban design. Amongst other things street lighting will be low energy, long life bulbs; garden benches will be from recycled materials.
  • A vermiculture earth worm farm. The earthworms will turn waste into compost. Compost will support organic growth – lush, rich vegetation and plant life.
  • Rain and borehole water collection. Rain water will be used for irrigation and borehole water will be available for household consumption.
  • Solar heating. Solar water heating devices will supply hot water.
  • Indigenous trees. Landscaping will focus on replacing any alien flora with indigenous trees and plants. And development guidelines will encourage owners to follow suite.
  • On site nursery. Plants and trees with be cultivated to further beautify the estate and its surrounds.
  • Noise control. Guidelines will restrict the use of noise generating equipment both on the part of owners (think golf cart type lawnmowers) and Management.
  • Economic empowerment. Management will appoint and support local BEE companies to supply labour, maid and nanny services, gardeners, security etc.

Owners, investors and residents thus will be part of a development and a community that is vigorously, passionately concerned and protective about the environment.

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